Lawyers for Business, Counselors for Life.

For over 60 years, Saiber has approached the practice of law with a dual purpose:  to advocate tenaciously for our clients in times of conflict, and offer guidance and advice in our role as trusted advisors.  We continue to uphold this legacy every day, working with a diverse clientele that includes national corporations, closely-held businesses, professional practitioners, families and individuals.

Our practice encompasses virtually every area of the law, and ranges from simple, straightforward matters to complex, sophisticated litigation, corporate counseling, mergers and acquisitions and estate planning.  With thorough preparation, keen insight and immersive knowledge of your business interests, our trial lawyers are well equipped to represent you at all levels of the state and federal courts and before state and regulatory agencies.  We bring the same level of expertise to your corporate and commercial transactions and your personal family matters.

Experience Counts

Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience to their practice.  Several have served in key positions in state and federal government, including in the United States Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey.  Many of our transactional lawyers have achieved leadership positions and recognition among their peers and are active speakers and writers in their practice areas.

The Client/Attorney Partnership

Our professionals not only excel in their chosen practice areas, but also in their ability to connect with you.  They understand that every day, you are facing new challenges and legal issues in our increasingly complex world.  They are at your side, anticipating those challenges and providing strategic counsel and advice so you can rise above them.

That spirit of allegiance is one we encourage internally at Saiber.  We foster a diverse, collegial atmosphere, with open communication and cooperation across departments and management levels.  We believe that the environment we've created enables us to provide you with a higher caliber of client service, a partnership that's built for the long term.