Professional Liability Counseling & Litigation

Saiber is the firm other professional firms increasingly turn to for advice and representation when confronted with allegations of malpractice or ethical improprieties. We have a reputation for handling these matters with tenacity, dedication and sensitivity.

Although we stand ready to represent you when problems arise, our first objective is to help you avoid potential conflicts. To that end, we advise lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, investment advisors, and their respective firms about the myriad issues facing practitioners today, including formation and drafting of firm documents, ethical issues, conflicts of interest, conflicts among firm members, multi-jurisdictional practice concerns, advertising and solicitation, mergers and acquisitions, client relations, representation of respondents in disciplinary hearings, malpractice litigation and other aspects of professional conduct. We also provide expert testimony concerning issues of legal ethics.

Whatever your profession, the likelihood that you or one of your associates will be accused of malpractice has grown exponentially in the past decade. In the wake of the Arthur Andersen downfall, the specter of a large, successful, multinational professional practice being brought to its knees has become frighteningly real. There is heightened awareness among professionals, and the need for careful risk management planning has never been more acute.

Whether real or perceived, problems can arise in client relations, in the administration of the practice and in the handling of substantive issues. We will assist your practice in drafting formation documents, establishing policies and procedures, selecting effective risk management products and providing ongoing legal advice. Should disputes arise, we will represent you tenaciously before administrative tribunals and in court and in other legal forums.