Collections & Judgment Enforcement

Collections & Judgment Enforcement has been an important part of the firm's practice for many years. Employing a combination of legal expertise, online data services and, where appropriate, forensic accountants and private investigators, we have enjoyed a high degree of success in helping clients recover losses in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Over the years, we have fine tuned the collection process so we are able to evaluate the merits of a potential collection case and, once a decision is made to proceed, handle the collection matter efficiently from the filing of the complaint, through discovery and judgment and, finally, through the execution process. In this regard, our attorneys use numerous online data services to identify and evaluate a debtor's asset value. We have also established excellent working relationships with forensic accountants and private investigators whose talents are very useful when faced with a debtor who seeks to hide assets.

In addition to the straightforward collection case, we are also adept at enforcing judgments obtained in New Jersey as well as domesticating and then enforcing foreign judgments on both the state and federal level. Our judgment enforcement skill has enabled us to assist clients and lawyers from other jurisdictions by efficiently recording their judgments here and then working vigorously to satisfy the judgment.