At Saiber, we are seeking talented professionals who want to forge a dynamic career handling complex litigation and transactional work in a diverse, mutually supportive setting.

Saiber is a fantastic place to work, and the reason is simple: our people. We are selective in our hiring practices, choosing intelligent, motivated individuals with a strong desire to build professional relationships with clients and colleagues.

When you join the firm as a new attorney, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate those qualities right from the start. You will receive immediate responsibility including communicating directly with clients, structuring transactions, taking depositions and appearing in court in an environment that actively supports your success.

We want you to succeed and our actions and management style are consistent with this belief. At Saiber, professionalism and camaraderie are the cornerstones for a career, not just a job, in the law. When you join our firm, you join our professional family.

Mentoring and Training

You will be assigned to a mentor on your first day to guide your learning and performance and to act as a sounding board. You will not be locked into a single practice area, but rather will receive work in a variety of substantive areas, broadening your exposure to both legal issues and the lawyers with whom you work. We have found that this work distribution allows lawyers to find their preferred area of specialization. Our firm encourages associates to develop their areas of interest while gaining a broad base of legal experience. Whether second-chairing a trial or working on a major corporate transaction, our new lawyers get immediate exposure to real world legal experience. This process, together with the complexity of our cases and quality of life here, result in an excellent record of attorney retention. We are building our futures together.

In addition to hands-on experience, the firm members hold periodic training sessions on topics such as negotiation, taking depositions and rules of evidence. You will also receive computer training, including training by the representatives from Lexis and WestLaw.

At Saiber, our members maintain an open door policy to associates at all times. You also will meet periodically with the associate coordination members to discuss quality of life and work issues. This is an open dialogue that allows associates to raise issues and make suggestions on topics both large and small.

Today is not our only concern. Your professional roles as both an attorney and business developer are equally important. The firm is committed to helping you succeed at marketing so that you can develop a client base. Whether going out to lunch with a member, or attending a sporting event or a cocktail reception, Saiber maintains a collegial atmosphere.

Expectations and Feedback

Great teams work because they have common goals and mutual responsibilities. Work is distributed as evenly as possible to associates and monitored on an ongoing basis. While the firm has an expectation with regard to billable hours, you will be treated as a professional regarding your work hours, and you will be rewarded for performance in excess of the firm's hourly expectations. The firm encourages associates to participate in continuing legal education, bar and professional associations and community groups.

Each month, every associate receives a monthly report documenting time entries, billable and non-billable hours, write-offs and realization rates. Associates are encouraged to discuss these reports with the firm's Executive Director and other members with whom they are working. Through this dialogue, associates learn to improve their performance as well as understand the business side of the profession.

Equal Opportunity Policy

The Firm is committed to the concept of equal opportunity employment. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants without regard to race, creed, ancestry, color, sexual orientation, age, marital status, handicap, disability, religion, national origin or any other legally protected classification. It is our intent and desire at the Firm that equal employment opportunities will be provided in employment, recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits and all other terms and conditions of employment.